What Makes This Song Great Ep. 12 — Fleetwood Mac

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  • Lindsay and Stevie: lovers not spouses. But your musical observarion are always fantastic!!!


  • HI Rick,
    I’m enjoying your website. I was wondering if you give private lessons on studio recording and/or live recording.

    conrad savage

  • From Mick Fleetwood’s drums to Lindsay Buckingham’s howling vocals and lead guitar, this is a damn near perfect track, soup to nuts. Thanks for the breakdown, Rick!

    Art Turner

  • Tonight, Amazon Prime Originals presents: Harry Bosch Goes His Own Way, starring Titus Welliver.

    All kidding aside (that was a complement, by the way), I am so d@mn glad I stumbled upon the musical Yoda that is Rick Beato — as someone else noted, this is why Gore invented the Interwebs. Well done and high marks through and through, Mr. Beato. Cheers!

    David S.

  • Hey Rick, I always wanted to dissect songs on my radio show. I have a video idea. How about we talk about Devo or Brian Eno. Or Bowie?

    Edwin Jed Fish Gould III

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