What Makes This Song Great Ep. 12 — Fleetwood Mac

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  • How are you able to separate out the vocals and guitar parts in these songs ?….is there new software out there i dont know about ?

    Ron D Armentrout

  • Hey Rick – Just recorded a cover of this track. It’s an amazing song and arrangement. I wish I’d seen this analysis first, would have saved me some time!
    Full marks as always Rick – Love this series – keep up the good work ;)


  • Rick thanks for doing this stuff there ought to be a ‘this is the whole point of the internet’ award. If there was you already won it. Glad you picked up on Mick Fleetwood’s drumming. The Rumours album in particular is pushed along from start to finish by the ‘bounce’ from his sense of rhythm – almost like he’s a nanosecond ahead of every beat he hits. But he’s not. He and L Buckingham are models of restraint which allows Mcvie to be a bit flowery. I loved hearing the component parts and what they do in the song, as with others you have done. Many thanks.


  • I’ve heard this song a million times and now have new found respect for it. Thanks Mr. Beato!

    Kent Mains

  • Looking forward to more great content on the Beato Club.

    Ron Figura

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