What Makes This Song Great Ep. 12 — Fleetwood Mac

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  • I’ve heard this song a million times and now have new found respect for it. Thanks Mr. Beato!

    Kent Mains

  • Looking forward to more great content on the Beato Club.

    Ron Figura

  • Just great.


  • Go Your Own Way …was recorded in Marin at Wally Heiders Sauslitio studio.
    75 alblum was recorded on the 8280 in Van Nuys. I wish Rick would do one of Christines songs from 75 effort. Better alblum IMO…Drums sound better on theAlthough the execs. at WARNERS may differ (44 million units !)
    The drums sound bett


  • If only ISUZU Australia hadn’t butchered this song in their latest marketing campaign… They’ve hijacked the slogan “Go Your Own Way”, every TV ad and YouTube ad features a cover of the song, and the worst part is that the song isn’t even about “Getting out in the wilderness” or whatever they’re trying to sell ISUZU trucks as being good for.

    The fact that this song was blocked on YouTube shows how greedy they are. Obviously ISUZU paid 16 billion dollars to use the song, but someone who wants to actually talk about the song from an artist and production perspective gets told to F off. What a shame.


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