What Makes This Song Great Ep. 36 — YES

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  • The Beato head-bob @ 7:32!!!!

    Joe E. G.

  • Great video! “Close To The Edge” was my first album purchase, and I remember being floored by the sounds coming out of my dad’s stereo. I even tried convince him that Yes was playing symphony-style rock, whatever that might be. I picked up “Fragile” next, and couldn’t stop listening. These were real headphone albums! Thanks for breaking this down- I love the bit about the retard. Awesome!!

    Peter S

  • Sometimes there are no words to describe how creative this is. I saw them play this in 1972 in Erie Pennsylvania. Steve Howe was so piercingly loud I had to put cigarette filters in my ears but the band in full regalia was unbelievable . You are breaking down this tune makes me appreciate it even more.

    Jack Coleman

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