What Makes This Song Great Ep. 36 — YES

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  • Still have the vinyl’s in my studio shelves..loved Roger Deans cover art as well as the music.

    Jimmy Taylor

  • Just outstanding. I have loved this song for years, but hearing the separated parts together with the explanations makes it all fresh and new again. I “heard” all those things on some level of course, but only as a wonderful totality- this brings a whole new depth of appreciation for the musicians, their inspiration, and for the remarkable production and mixing involved to result in such a masterpiece. I was particularly struck by Rick’s singling out the delay, and the mellotron- as soon as I heard that part, mellotron and vocal, I thought “Beatles!” and Rick said “Strawberry Fields!”. Exactly. Living is easy with eyes closed….


  • This is one of the best music videos I have ever seen. I love this song and it was beautiful to see how they arranged this beautiful song.

    Can’t stand todays music. What a fantastic video to watch.


  • Thanks, I love this song, “Fragile” has been one of my favorite inspiration since I was a kid! Great to hear those tracks in solo, reveals hard to hear details (hamonies). This said: I wonder where you get all those individual tracks? I found some “stems” from guitar-hero-like games but they rarely are real solo tracks, usualy all drum on one track, all guitars on another, etc. But your stuff sounds like your in contact with the master(s) of the (recording) universe! (Wich may be the case!)

    Thanks for your greeeeaaaat work.

    Jocelyn Bouchard

  • Saw the thumbnail for this in the “What makes this song great” playlist on YouTube but I couldn’t watch it. I’m glad I found it here!

    Max Halterman

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