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The Modern Music Production Course

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The Modern Music Production Course
Learn how you can get started producing music professionally using minimal equipment.


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What you will learn: 


➞   A complete primer in modal harmony and how to use it in your modern productions

➞   Strategies to come up with an idea for a production

➞   How to overcome writer's block

➞   How to make your own drum samples using a cheap microphone

➞   How to layer and side-chain compress your bass line

➞   How to make a basic vocal sound like it was professionally recorded

➞   How to use professional textures to add interest to your productions

and more...



Class Curriculum

"This course was full of extremely practical tips to get you moving with your productions. Great for if you are just starting out or if you have intermediate experience. Aaron has provided many ideas to get you out of musical ruts and making quicker decisions in your production. More than worth the price of admission!" Paul M.